Rise in Coronavirus Infections in Todos Santos and Mulege Concerned

Yesterday, more statistics were released on the cases of coronavirus in the main cities of Baja California Sur, where the growth in the number of infections in the area of Vizcaino (Mulege) and Todos Santos is striking.

Similarly yesterday the Ciudad Constitucion police precinct had to be closed, because it was reported that several officers had been diagnosed with coronavirus, although in the end it was mentioned that only 3 cases were suspicious. The entire building will undergo a sanitization process.

In La Paz, also the president of the Local Congress Lorenia Lineth Montaño asked for the assistance of minimum staff to offices, as there are two more cases among Morena's advisors, so the buildings are going to be cleaned and the workers are going to be isolated at home.

In Todos Santos last week there were six confirmed cases and yesterday, in the last report, it climbed to 22, which may turn that population into ground zero if urgent health measures are not taken.

In the municipality of Mulege there are approximately 70 infected people, half of them in the agricultural fields of Vizcaino and the rest distributed between Santa Rosalía and the port of Mulege.

As far as the county of Los Cabos is concerned, the highest concentration of infections is in Cabo San Lucas with 109 and in San José del Cabo 11.

According to the State Health Safety Committee, 53 people have died of coronavirus in Baja California Sur to date. Ninety-four percent of cases have not required hospital care.

On Monday, Baja California Sur entered the stage known as "new normality" and the week-long test will take place with hotels and restaurants open. If infections increase significantly, there will be a return to social isolation and another quarantine, including total beach closures.

For further official information, please visit the CORONAVIRUS website.

#OJO #ENTERATE Aqui el reporte oficial con fecha de 15 de Junio del 2020. CASOS ACTIVOS EN TODOS SANTOS 22....

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