#TWEXIT : Candidate Laura Loomer Encourages President Trump To Get On Parler

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Republican Congressional candidate Laura Loomer who is running for Congress in Florida's 21st Congressional District is leading the #TWEXIT movement, encouraging social media users to dump Twitter and get on Parler, a pro-free speech platform.

As one of Parler's most popular users and one of the first people to ever create an account on Parler in 2018, Loomer says it's long overdue that Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook lose their "Platform" protections and are instead classified as the publishers that they are currently operating as.

The Laura Loomer For Congress campaign @LauraLoomerForCongress is the first federal campaign in US history to open a Parler account. Loomer, who is the "most banned woman in the world" as a result of her high-profile, hard-hitting investigative reports which exposed the radical-left's agenda, has been de-platformed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Paypal, all of which are being used by other campaigns across the nation to fundraise, communicate with constituents, and virtually campaign in the era of COVID-19. Loomer's congressional campaign is the only active campaign in the nation that has been denied access to Twitter.

Despite this clear act of election interference and political bias by Big Tech, Loomer has been outperforming and out-fundraising all of her opponents combined, including 4-term sitting Democrat incumbent Lois Frankel. Loomer has been able to do this by using Parler and Gab.

Loomer became the original, first Twexiter when she was permanently banned from Twitter on November 21, 2018, and warned the world that more censorship would follow, and that she was only the beginning of the bans. Since being banned, there have been daily occurrences around the world of conservatives being silenced by big tech, and Loomer correctly predicted that the severity of the situation would get worse closer to election year.

Loomer said, "Last week Twitter censored the Commander in Chief while allowing for Iranian dictators, jihadist organizations, and ANTIFA domestic terrorists to incite global violence and riots throughout America. Twitter is clearly a publisher that is trying to steal the election for Democrats, and President Trump is correct in calling for their Section 230 protection to be revoked. I am leading the charge to strongly encourage the President of the United States to get off Twitter and get on Parler to ensure uncensored communications with the American people. Until the government takes action against these publishers, the American people will continue to have their speech squelched unless they take the first step towards change by Twexiting and getting Parler."

Karen Giorno, the chief strategist for Laura Loomer For Congress said, "The bedrock of our Constitutional Republic depends upon fair and free elections. Twitter is now directly and intentionally interfering with that sacred process. In order for the American public to make informed decisions, we can't have a handful of elite, biased content moderators deciding what is and isn't 'acceptable speech.'"

Loomer added, "It is shameful that the current sitting Democrat Congresswoman, my opponent Lois Frankel has spent more time advocating for the Internet rights of the Iranian people than the two most politically censored Americans who reside in her district, myself and President Donald Trump."

When elected, combatting Big Tech tyranny and political censorship online will be one of the key issues Loomer will fight to fix with her colleagues in Congress, and she has already pledged to use Parler to communicate with her constituents.

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