VIDEO: Firemen with axe blow up armored cabin to rescue bank employees

Ciudad Constitución Firefighters used axes and sledgehammers to break the armored glass of one of the three service modules of the Banco Azteca branch, located on the corner of Morelos and Olachea Boulevard, to rescue two employees who were trapped after a short circuit caused smoke and later blocked the security devices.

A large deployment of security forces took place at one o'clock in the afternoon, when they were warned of the contingency that was occurring at the bank's branch in Ciudad Constitucion. located 128 miles north of La Paz.

The first to arrive were Municipal Police who helped in the eviction of the bank in which the flow of electricity was cut off. The smoke-filled booth where the two employees were located is the jewelry pawn shop area.

Therefore, when the firemen arrived, they burst the armor with great difficulty, until they managed to make a cavity through which they passed oxygen to the employees. Later they burst another of the crystals in its totality to proceed to the rescue of both.

The young worker Katia Sarahi Nieto was taken to the IMSS hospital to have her lungs checked, as she was exposed to the smoke and was suffering from stress due to the confinement. Her companion in the booth, Moisés Valentín Carrillo, did not require specialized medical attention. Both reported stable.

The firemen will carry out a thorough investigation to find out the causes of the accident that endangered the lives of the employees.

(Martin Valtierra, Contrastes de Comondu reporter).

Corto Circuito en Banco Azteca con dos personas en Cuarto de Seguridad en Ciudad Constitución

Publicado por Contrastes de Comondú en Sábado, 6 de junio de 2020

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