A fine is proposed for anyone not wearing a mask in Los Cabos

Today, at the meeting of the Municipal Health and Safety Committee, Los Cabos Mayor Armida Castro Guzman proposed that the use of masks should be made mandatory in all public spaces, since the number of people infected by coronavirus has risen to 157% in one week in Baja California Sur.

"We are in this permanent campaign that arises with the idea of making citizens aware. Making a responsible use of the mask is going to allow us to keep our cities partially on the move and avoid that the contagions keep multiplying", said the mayor.

This proposal has its origin in the doctors who attend the hospitals in Los Cabos, so that people use masks.

Fines are planned for anyone who does not comply with this provision and will be enforced by the Municipal Police.

Business groups in Los Cabos, led by Julio Castillo Gomez, launched a campaign yesterday to promote the use of masks. This campaign was joined by the CROC workers' union, which is the largest organization in Baja California Sur.

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