BREAKING: Curfew in Mulege!

Surprisingly, due to increases in coronavirus cases that are getting out of control, Mulege Mayor Felipe Prado Bautista has issued a curfew measure starting today, Friday.

For that reason, all people seen walking or riding in cars after 10 p.m. will be arrested by police and sent to municipal jails. For this they will first have to justify their presence on the street as an essential activity.

This applies to the cities of Santa Rosalia, Mulege, Vizcaino, San Ignacio y Guerrero Negro.

All parties and gatherings in homes, whether among family, friends or neighbors, are being banned.

The sale of beer and all alcoholic beverages is prohibited after 3 p.m. Monday through Sunday, starting today.

The message to all residents is to stay home.

Mulegé has 159 active cases, 13 dead and 203 recovered. The most serious have been sent to the capital of Baja California Sur for medical attention.

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