Conspiracy theories influence rebellious Catholic priest vs. bishop and Pope Francis

The conspiracy theories have triggered a chain of events that led the Catholic priest Jose Maria Macias to disregard the authority of the Bishop of La Paz, Miguel Angel Alba Diaz and also Pope Francis.

This is an event that never happened in Baja California Sur and a strange incident that keeps the Catholic hierarchy in Mexico worried.

A schism is emerging, because Father Jose Isabel AKA Chabelo, in spite of being suspended, continues to visit churches in Baja California to convince his parishioners to ignore Pope Francis.

Father Jose Isabel accuses that Freemasonry has come to the Vatican to destroy the Catholic Church through Pope Francis. He recalls that Pope Benedict XVI was forced to resign after he could not stand the pressure.

In addition, the priest under investigation has announced that according to the Bible, the end of the world will occur in 2020 or 2021.

Miguel Angel Alba Diaz invites Father CHABELO to regret and recognize the authority of Pope Francis. He asked the parishioners of Baja California Sur to pray for this father.

The Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the Missionaries of the Nativity has begun a process against this priest that can suspend him definitively from the Catholic Church.

Father José Maria Macías AKA CHABELO, is well known in the community of El Centenario where he was in charge of the local parish for ten years.

It is possible that the Da Vinci's Code (Dan Brown novel) and the Ancient Aliens series of History TV, have influenced Father Jose's behavior.

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Publicado por Misa En Vivo Diócesis de La Paz en Jueves, 9 de julio de 2020

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