Cops keep people away from La Paz, Barriles & Todos Santos beaches

Despite the necessary warnings, families in La Paz County insist on going to the beaches.

But they are reminded that since July 2, the beaches have been closed due to the increase in cases of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the report from the Federal Maritime Land Zone office, 1,230 people were returned over the weekend in 673 vehicles to the beaches of La Paz, Todos Santos, La Ventana and Los Barriles.

Sonia Rubio Lucero, of the Beaches office, said police surveillance to prevent people from gathering on La Paz county's coasts will continue.

Fortunately, the families have understood the warning message from the agents and no violence has been reported to present time.

But it is known that the Municipal Health Committee is evaluating the possibility of opening some beaches. If progress is made in that direction, sufficient announcements will be made for all citizens to know.

The reports on the progress of the covid-19 in Baja California Sur to date are not very encouraging, so the recommendation made to the citizens is to stay in their homes.

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