CORONAVIRUS: Total shutdown in Los Cabos to be evaluated!

In order to comply with the provisions issued by the State Committee for Health Safety, in addition to ensuring the safety of the population, the mayor of Los Cabos, Armida Castro Guzman, said that the municipal government, in collaboration with the Security Bureau, maintain the jurisdictional work that as authorities they are responsible to perform.

In this context, the mayor informed that it is not only a matter of verifying that the 30% influx of people on the beaches is respected and that the healthy distance between the population prevails, but also that the work carried out by the Municipal Security Board should continue in a cooperative manner to ensure that the provisions issued by the Health Secretariat are followed in Los Cabos.

"The operations that SEDENA, MARINA, National Guard, State Police, Beach Office (ZOFEMAT), Civil Protection and Public Safety are carrying out are so that this 30% of the population is safe and as far as possible healthy, however, it is very important to remind citizens that the last word and the final decision is in each of us, because taking care of ourselves is already a way of life," said the mayor.

In addition, Armida Castro stated that the population should not be trusted: "please help us to continue working, so that the municipality does not stop again; it will only stop if necessary because the most important thing for the government of Los Cabos is the health of the residents."

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