CORONAVIRUS: We're running out of doctors in Baja California Sur!

Much concern was expressed by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis in his weekend address,  as Baja California Sur hospitals are running out of staff to care for patients with chronic illnesses, due to a rise in cases of coronavirus.

There are no longer any doctors or nurses available to take care of the additional patients from all health sector institutions.

He asked the general population to continue to comply with the healthy distance and if possible, to stay at home.

A month ago there were 30 patients in hospitals for covid-19. Today we have 130 and few staff to attend them.

26,000 persons have been treated at a distance: 23,800 through video calls, calls with specialists or self-diagnosis with the aid of an app.

2,600 persons received a home visit in order to be tested or immediately transported (73 persons were transferred to a hospital).

Besides, more than 600 ambulatory cases are being monitored on a daily basis.

If the number of covid-19 infections increases, we could once again suspend work and close the beaches.

Students will return to the classrooms in the next cycle if and only if the intensity of contagions decreases. 

The return of students to school is also at risk.

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