Haunted City Hall? Paranormal Activity at the Los Cabos County Building

Since it was constructed in 1891, the Los Cabos County Building has been an unmistakable landmark, a towering center of power housing the mayor's office, city council and, apparently, ghosts.

This was said by the Director of the Archive, Valentin Castro Burgoin, who asked the Secretary General Rosa Delia Cota, not to stay at night because of paranormal activity in the building.

Ghost stories seem to be around every shadowy corner of the old building, shared by security guards and accountants alike.

"You hear people talk about hearing voices through this building a lot," said Castro Burgoin, who had a similar experiences many nights.

"Several apparently supernatural things have happened to me. And here in the City Hall, many people have already told me, among them some policemen who stand guard here every night, about an entity [man] who wanders through corridors and staircases," Castro Burgoin added.

There are very clear voices at night, not murmurs, as confirmed by the police officers who guard the building and who, on occasion, prefer to be outside because the ghosts do not tolerate the presence of people.

The building is part of the historical downtown and is also visited by tourists who come to see beautiful murals with the history of Los Cabos.

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