The Comondu's councilwoman who eats BAJA turtles!

A great controversy has set social networks on fire, after important media reported on the issue of the Ciudad Constitucion councilwoman, Erika Venalonzo, who boasted among her friends that she eats endangered turtles.

In Mexico's coastal areas, for many years turtle dishes were considered a true delicacy, highly specialized and very rich in vitamins for consumers.

But since this species has been declared endangered, the penalties for those who kill them are strong and include jail time.

Comondu's councilwoman, Erika Venalonzo, said the photo she shared among her friends was from 1979, an old photo of the turtle being prepared by her father, owner of "El Marino" restaurant in Puerto San Carlos. At that time it was legal to eat turtles.

But it was pointed out to him that this photograph is high resolution and the metal spoon is the same as the ones used today, so it is not a 1979 image.

Citizens are asking for a sanction to be applied to this citizen's counselwoman and to all those who ate turtle with her on the weekend.

In addition, Erika has a criminal record for which she has already been in jail twice. The first for fraudulent sale of property and the second accused of theft.

The hashtag #LadyCaguama was trendig topic in Twitter Mexico on monday and tuesday.

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