Use of Face Masks is Mandatory in Los Cabos

The municipal government of Los Cabos is announcing that the citizen's council has determined that the use of mask is required in all public offices and suburban transportation units.

Yesterday, after a meeting, it was reported that the use of mask is also mandatory for all residents when in public spaces, but the police will not be able to apply any fines to those not wearing them.

Nor can people be arrested on this ground.

No one can block the free movement of people guaranteed by the Mexican constitution.

But police officers will be able to recommend citizens to use the mask.

In public offices, if they do not wear mask, they cannot be attended to. But they can request one that will be given free of charge.

In case they insult or fight with the police officers who recommend them to use the mask, they can be arrested and fined more than 1,500 pesos, for breaking the rules of good citizen behavior.

The use of mask is intended to curb the rate of 20 daily covid infections in Los Cabos.

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