Almost a kilometer of beach vanishes in Los Cabos (Video)

Yesterday, it has been documented that almost a kilometer of beach in the area of the Cabo San Lucas Arch has vahished, once the influence of rain and winds caused by Hurricane Genieveve last week has ended.

The first beach that is no longer there is precisely the one that arises from the phenomenon called high tide at the bottom of the famous Arch.

And in front of the Grand Solmar Resort, Playa Grande and part of the Sandos Finisterra Hotel, the beach that visitors used to enjoy is no longer there and the waves are right on the edge of the protective barriers of these constructions.

In addition, the breakwaters that Waldorf Astoria placed in front of their luxury residences, also disappeared by the force of the waves and winds of Genevieve.

It is also hoped that through a natural process, the sea will soon retreat enough to restore the coastline.

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