AMLO didn't use mask when visiting Cabo San Lucas

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador did not wear a facemask at the two public events in Cabo San Lucas, one of them in the Las Palmas neighborhood known for being the third area with the highest number of people infected with the coronavirus.

Lopez Obrador has already said that he is not considering using mask, because it is not necessary and on the recommendation of his doctor Hugo Lopez Gatell.

At the press conference, the advances in security were presented, where it was reported that all crimes in Baja California Sur have been reduced and today it is one of the safest states in Mexico.

The meeting was at the naval base and outside several people waited for his departure to greet the president of Mexico and there was also a group of protesters from the FRENAA organization who are asking for his resignation from office before November, as he is "incompetent and has the country in the worst economic and security conditions".

In  Las Palmas neighborhood he inaugurated a sports area and park. In a symbolic way, he gave away improvement works in several streets and parks in high poverty areas.

He promised the money for the construction of a desalination plant and the expansion of the power plant in La Paz.

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