Border Patrol Aid Severely Dehydrated Man in the Mountains

JACUMBA, Calif. – U.S. Border Patrol agents from the El Centro Sector aided a man abandoned in the mountains and in distress on Thursday.

At approximately 1 p.m., a Border Patrol agent patrolling in the Jacumba mountains area encountered a man who had illegally crossed into the United States.  He was abandoned along with two other individuals by their group and had been walking for approximately three days without food, water or a cell phone to call for help. 

The agent noticed that the man was extremely dehydrated, disoriented, and requested assistance from the El Centro Sector Border Search Trauma and Rescue Team (BORSTAR).  BORSTAR arrived on scene and immediately administered fluids via intravenous therapy.  The man showed signs of recovery after receiving the fluids and was able to walk to the BORSTAR vehicle location. 

After his vital signs were stabilized, the man declined further medical attention and was transported to the El Centro Station immigration rally point for further processing.

The man, a 45-year-old Mexican citizen was expelled back to his country of origin.

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