CABO SAN LUCAS: Tragic jet ski accident in playa El Medano (+VIDEO)

Today's afternoon was different in the restaurant area of Playa El Medano, where a serious accident took place that left three people seriously injured when the driver of a jet ski came out of the sea at full speed.

The security forces attended the accident at 4:30 this Friday afternoon, in front of the restaurant known as Arre Mango, where they were informed that three people were seriously injured after being hit by a jet ski.

The victims are a man and two women. The one who suffered the worst injuries is an adult lady who sells handicrafts among tourists and, according to the video, is the first one who was violently hit... The woman died at the scene.

According to witnesses, the jet ski came out of the sea at high speed, slid across the sand and crashed into the fence of the restaurant where several people were standing.


They have been very strict and the watercraft transit areas are delimited in El Medano Beach. There is no reason to drive these devices at high speeds.


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