Los Cabos: Don't go near the seashore!

In Los Cabos, Civil Protection brigadiers have been invited very early on to remove people from the beaches, where there are strong waves due to the influence of Hurricane Genevieve.

Remember the terrible case that happened yesterday shortly after 5:00 p.m., when in spite of having a black flag installed, a 15-year-old young girl, a tourist staying at the Hotel Riu in Cabo San Lucas, approached the shore and was devoured by a wave.

As it is known, the girl and a security guard who tried to rescue her, died by drowning.

It is recommended to follow the warnings of the State and Municipal Civil Protection, as well as all security corporations that have joined the tasks of prevention and evacuation of families to the six shelters installed in Cabo San Lucas and the other six in San Jose del Cabo.


The airports in Los Cabos and La Paz remain open. Travelers are advised to check directly with their airlines for possible cancellations. Roads in the south of the peninsula are open and clear. The ports remain closed in their entirety. 

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