The only spot in BAJA where the coronavirus hasn’t reached

In the peninsula there is a privileged place, where its residents live from fishing and that until today has no record of cases of covid-19.

This is Isla Natividad, where the fishing company that the inhabitants formed as a cooperative provides them with enough to live in that isolation in this zone known as the northern Pacific of Baja California Sur.

Abalone, snail and lobster are exported to China via Hong Kong. This means that its 500 inhabitants receive an income that gives them enough to send their sons and daughters to study at the best universities.

In the article published by “El Sudcaliforniano” reporter Elías Medina Pinedo, he explains that the same villagers isolated themselves and thus avoid the coronavirus. No one leaves, no one enters the island.

Only people who leave for work, we should quarantine health reasons upon their return.

Today, isolation in which they have always lived puts us in a favorable situation in the pandemic's midst”, says the President of the Fishing Cooperative, Esteban Sandez.

On Natividad Island there is a small airport. They receive food by sea from Bahía Tortugas, always with all the health care.

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