This is the hero of hurricane GENEVIEVE... He died trying to rescue a girl

Cabo San Lucas - On Tuesday afternoon, when the hurricane Genevieve sent giant waves crashing onto El Medano Beach, a 15-year-old girl slipped and was swallowed up by the sea.

It was 5 pm when Michel Treviño started yelling "help!" as he was drowning.

Immediately the lifeguard front of Riu Hotel, Jonathan Bonilla, came to rescue her, but the strong waves caused both of them to drown in the place, while other witnesses also tried to assist them.

When the paramedics arrived, there was nothing they could do for their lives.

Jonathan Bonilla, 33 years old, was a young athlete who could not withstand the force of the waves to rescue the girl, a tourist from Monterrey who was visiting Cabo San Lucas and knew little of the strength of the sea disturbed by the hurricane approaching.

In social networks, a tribute has been paid to the rescuer who offered his life in fulfillment of his duty.

Erick Jonathan was a university student, and also participated as a guitarist and vocalist in the school band. His classmates will remember him fondly forever. 

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