CABO SAN LUCAS: The Mexican Navy evacuated 22 tourists


Over the weekend, the tour boat TORTUGA presented engine failures and drifted off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, in the area known as Punta Ballena.

As part of the safety protocols, the captain notified the naval base to proceed with the evacuation of 22 tourists from the United States who were on board, in order to return them to the mainland.

It was aboard two interceptor ships of the Mexican Navy, which took the tourists to the shore and after verifying their health condition, they were taken to their hotels.

Another rescue on Monday, was that of a Mexican tourist who was traveling aboard the yacht "Cabo Adventure 12", who presented symptoms of tachycardia near the "El Arco" area.

She was also evacuated by Mexican Navy officers, who took her to the port's naval base, where an ambulance was already waiting for her.

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