Police capture the man who shot and killed a puppy


Last week we reported that a puppy had been shot and killed in a street in Pioneros neighborhood in Ciudad Constitucion, north of La Paz.

This event upset society very much, as the puppy named "Pantera" was accompanied by its owner, a boy of only 10 years of age, who was very sad to see his friend wounded, on the morning of May 6.

Police officers took note of the incident and opened investigations so that the person responsible can be punished.

In Baja California Sur, laws were recently changed to impose fines and jail time for those who mistreat animals.

The subject in the photo was arrested and will be charged with the crime of mistreatment of a domestic animal.

In Baja California Sur, if you witness the mistreatment of any animal, you can dial 911 emergency number and the police will attend all reports.

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