Baja California Sur is one of the safest states in Mexico


The session of the Security Round Table was led by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis, who was joined by the Secretary General of Government, Alvaro De la Peña Angulo, and the heads of the security and justice institutions. The main areas of crime incidence were addressed, such as high impact crimes, operational work, and the fight against impunity, and will be discussed this Friday in Cabo San Lucas. 


Mendoza Davis, pointed out that the entity has sustained a downward trend in terms of crime incidence, highlighting the high impact crimes, such as intentional homicide, which continues with a significant reduction compared to other Mexican states.


"A priority has been to restore the tranquility of Baja California families since the beginning of this state government, and while we have been able to do a coordinated work of contention, there is still much to be done in order to maintain peace and social order in our state," said the governor. 

Los Cabos and La Paz, according to statistics, are among the safest municipalities in Mexico. 

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