Expat died of natural causes in La Paz


La Paz - Several media reported yesterday on the death of a foreigner in the city's downtown district, where there were traces of violence in the location where his body was discovered, inside an apartment. 

The state prosecutor's office said today that Richard Ernest Bosch, 90, died of natural causes, a heart attack. 

A friend of Richard's said that he used to call him on the phone. The foreigner lived alone in an apartment on Madero Street, between Melchor Ocampo and Degollado, in the historic center of La Paz.

When he called on the phone and received no response, he went to his apartment and discovered him dead inside. 

That is why he called the emergency numbers, so that the authorities could start the investigations.

According to the file of the prosecutor's office LPZ/5266/2021/NUC, his death was caused by a heart attack.

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