How a Clothing Manufacturer in Los Angeles Is Promoting More Sustainable Fashion


Los Angeles clothing manufacturer The Evans Group (TEG) has new fashion designers covered when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion.

The business of creating clothes has, in recent decades, become dependent on some questionable and toxic practices to maximize output without examining the environmental toll it can take.

The Fashion Industry and the Environmental Impact

We know that the fashion industry is home to some questionable practices, mainly dealing with polluting the environment and providing poor working conditions worldwide. It turns out that women alone make up a considerable percentage of workers treated poorly in the textile industry.

In a recent piece regarding ethical and sustainable fashion, TEG cites an article by Business Insider.

According to Business Insider's sobering research, "In total, up to 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. That's enough to fill the Sydney harbor annually." This is the kind of dire circumstances an L.A. fashion production house has to grapple with.

Another shocking fact is, "Washing clothes, meanwhile, releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year — the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles."

This is a daunting set of circumstances, but not all hope is lost, especially from TEG's point of view. In fact, it's a ripe opportunity for the Los Angeles clothing manufacturer to adapt, evolve, and take the fashion industry in an exciting new direction.

How The Evans Group is Turning The Tide

But how do you begin to push back against things like the rise of fast fashion and a jarring amount of wasted materials? It's not easy, but Jennifer Evans is aiming to undermine the dependence on fast fashion.

Launched in 2005,  without packing the world's oceans with microplastics. The company boasts an impressive resume of past clients, from Guess to the women-led garment company Hiraeth.

Hiring Local Textile Workers, Creating Sustainable Fashion Jobs

Founder Jennifer Evans weaves ethical and sustainable fashion directly into consumer clothing orders.

For example, in larger orders, she scours local Los Angeles clothing factories for talented textile workers. Along with promoting ethical and sustainable fashion, Jennifer Evans is creating local manufacturing jobs.

These are just the stepping stones toward a larger goal, though.

The Los Angeles community of textile workers is some of the most experienced on the West Coast.

Made up of individuals with years of raw experience in pattern making, sewing, and fashion sketching, these certified professionals make a designer's fashion brand come to life.

Using Organic Materials and Fabric

The best part of promoting sustainable fashion for independent clothing designers is that many of the materials you can use are all-natural.

For example, organic hemp, linen, cotton, and other fibers are perfect for designing clothes and manufacturing products for consumers.

There are also some promising state-of-the-art fabrics, like a 'wood pulp-based cellulose fabric' called lyocell that you can find under the brand name TENCEL™. It starts with natural materials and is crafted into a sustainable, man-made material to craft couture.

These promising and innovative new ways to create a new fashion brand offer a way to look good with a clean conscience. Why sacrifice one for the other?

More Sustainable Fashion by TEG

If we hope to change the landscape of the fashion industry by recycling and reducing waste, we need more clothing manufacturers like TEG on the team. A Los Angeles production house with social and sustainability concerns at the forefront of its philosophy.

TEG’s in a great spot. The company has the support of the Los Angeles community, the talent to create show-stopping clothing. Check out TEG’s collaboration with Banana Republic and Greg Lauren in 2016 for a great example.

And that means independent clothing designers are in a good spot too. With ethical and sustainable resources at the ready, transparent communication, starting your own clothing line has never been easier on the mind.

Sustainability is the name of the game, and this Los Angeles clothing manufacturer is leading the charge in steering the ship toward a brighter future.

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