The maximum capacity allowed on the beaches of Todos Santos and Los Barriles is 40%.


Attending the sanitary measures due to the emergency that La Paz is experiencing due to the Covid-19 epidemic, during the weekend the police sustained presence on the beaches of the municipality, verifying the allowed capacity.

With the purpose of observing the instruction to limit the number of visitors to the beaches to 40 percent of their capacity, officers maintained vigilance in:

  • Balandra
  • El Tecolote
  • El Coyote
  • El Saltito
  • El Tesoro
  • Coromuel
  • Comitan
  • San Juan de La Costa

Also on the beaches of different communities such as El Sargento, La Ventana, Los Barriles, Punta Lobos, Los Cerritos de Todos Santos and El Pescadero, among other beaches along the coast of Baja.

For this reason, it has been possible to sustain order at the entrance of visitors, during the days of greater affluence of people to the different beaches, like last weekend, and thanks to the participation of the people, there were no major incidents.

It is worth mentioning that the beach capacity will be in force until other measures are taken by the health authorities, reminding the population to follow the indications of the authorities at all times, as well as to comply with the hours allowed to stay on the beaches.

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