Cabo Platinum Announces a New Ultra Exclusive Villa Package


The Ultimate bucket-list vacation experience is now available for a select few. The vision for the project was orchestrated by an industry leading villa rental and destination management company, Cabo Platinum. Their package is currently focused in Los Cabos, Mexico, although they are working with partner alliances in select international markets.

Cabo Platinum helps travelers rent luxury vacation villas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Their team manages vacation itineraries and customizes vacation planning specifically to each group’s taste. Mishan Andre, co-Owner of Cabo Platinum explains, “We listened to our guests, what they need during their vacation and what they consistently select while they are arranging details with their concierge. This package is the solution for those clients that contact us and book everything piece-meal. This cuts out the time it takes to sort through all options and brings guests the best-of-the-best,” he added. “The package began to take shape when we started utilizing our resources to procure the celebrity chef, helicopter tour, multiple premium yacht charters and daily in-villa masseuse treatments.”

The package does not come without a heavy price-tag. A few of the villas offered as part of the package start at $10,000 USD per night. As an example, Casa Ocho is a 10-bedroom beachfront villa that is complete with chefs, butlers, daily housekeeping and can sleep up to 30 people.

All Cabo Platinum rentals are inclusive of the company’s unparalleled 24-hour Personal Villa Concierge Service. Upon booking, each guest is introduced to their Concierge who is a local expert that is an integral element of the dream getaway. “We realized there was a need for the best vacation experience available and created a bespoke package that meets and exceeds our Platinum standard of service,” says the Company’s co-owner, Danette Reid. She continues, “The Concierge is such an important part of the Experience. They are there to make sure everything is on-time, according to taste and delivered as planned.”

The Ultimate Package by Cabo Platinum is one of the most bespoke travel services in Latin America. It is truly for the traveler that ‘wants it all,’ but does not have time to plan. Yet, the package still leaves room for customization. Travelers can also arrange a private jet charter to and from Los Cabos with Cabo Platinum. Some guests choose to travel home—after their Ultimate Package trip—aboard the legendary 252-Ft Expedition yacht, which costs upwards of $1,000,000.00 USD for a one-week trip. 

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