KBO Bike to launch new E-Bikes in September


The KBO electric bike company has a reputation for producing high-quality electric bikes at much better prices than similar products. “It is our way of ensuring everyone can afford an electric bike that will satisfy their desires”, said Max, the founder. The new electric cargo bike is no exception. It comes with many amazing features that make it stand out among bikes of similar prices. Its sturdy design, upgraded LG Battery, and a more powerful motor keep the journey safe and happy when biking.

The utility bike has a large cargo space that makes it qualify as an alternative to the car. It can also accommodate two commuters conveniently. Its high battery capacity means it can travel a long distance once it is fully charged. Yet, its charging is fast and convenient with the quick charger. It has a powerful motor that gives it high power and makes the riding experiencing enjoyable irrespective of the riding area, be it flat ground or a steep slope. The tires have been made smaller and wider; this enhances stability and makes them ideal for carrying heavy loads. It is also children-friendly and ideal for both adults and kids. Yet, it is affordable. A few electric bikes under $2000 can match the performance of the KBO cargo bike. It is certainly a good buy. Like KBO products, it comes with a two-year warranty.

The electric cargo bike is one of a kind, hence waiting may be killing. However, subscribers can book theirs and be among the first owner when it is finally released by the end of September. KBO offers an early bird discount to all customers who buy before it is in stock. Subscribe to the KBO newsletter for more information about this and the flash sales.

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