The safest tourist center in Mexico is Los Cabos


According to official data from the Federal Government, the persistent monitoring of the police forces in Los Cabos, in conjunction with components of the army, has kept the city as the second safest in Mexico. 

Crime rates, compared to previous months, have a significant decline and for that, preventive security has worked better than ever.

"Through the Council for the Construction of Peace and Security, we rely on each of the institutions responsible for maintaining public order to organize various operations, among which we highlight Safe Streets, where we work together to establish a presence in areas where incident reports to the C2 Control and Monitoring Center are more frequent," said the Police general director, captain Juan Jose Zamorano Martinez.


Sharecare, digital health company that helps people manage their health in one place, announced Los Cabos, consists with health security verification.

In this way, it can be said that it became the first "Verified" travel destination in the world.

To achieve this designation, Turismo de Los Cabos successfully led an effort to make Sharecare's health safety verification with Forbes Travel Guide a universal standard among hotels and resorts in the region.

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