41st Bisbee Black and Blue Jackpot reaches an enormous $9,725,000


For the 20th time in the 41-year history of the event, the Bisbee BLACK and BLUE wrote a check for over $1,000,000!

Team BRANIFF, FIRST TIME WINNER aboard the 58' Dona Homa, with Captain Lupe at the wheel and angler Andres Pineda on the rod, caught what turned out to be the largest fish during the event – a 489-pound blue marlin earning the Team $1,134,350.

"The just-completed 41st Bisbee Black and Blue knocked it out of the park,” according to Wayne Bisbee, Tournament Director. “We were literally blindsided by this year's extraordinary attendance and jackpot increases.”

The total Jackpot is an enormous $9,725,000, a massive increase of 76% from our prior year, the highest amount ever recorded in a single year in the history of the Money Sportfishing Tournaments on the planet. Along with an equally notable 56% increase in Teams from 127 in 2020 to 198 in 2021, all verified by CatchStat.

Bisbee observed, "The remarkable increase resulted from the growing popularity as well as the lessened COVID 19 protocols."

However, the Bisbee Black and Blue reflected a severe change in conditions left in the wake of Hurricane "Pamela" that came within 50 to 100 miles of Los Cabos before veering east toward mainland Mexico.

For several weeks, the storms that had gone through before the tournaments left unsettled conditions and extreme currents that impacted the billfish fishery surrounding Baja's tip.

However, Remarkably the event had three first-time winners in the event this year.

2021 Black and Blue Winners

1st Place - BRANIFF, Andres Pineda Braniff, 489 pounds $1,134,350

2nd Place - The Brass, JC Siddoway, 305.00 pounds $732,550

Reel Pushy 1st Release $110,500

Listo 2nd Release $38,250

Bull Rider 3rd Release $21,250

The 41st Bisbee Tournament series displayed remarkable growth in 2021 in each of the three events.

Bisbee's 22nd East Cape Offshore held in Buena Vista, BCS, MX, teams increased 35% from 72 Teams in 2020 to 96 in 2021. As a result, the total Jackpot increased to $1,578,100, exceeding last year's record of $1,100,000 by over 42%.

Los Cabos Offshore tournament hosted 128 Teams, a 35% increase, along with $1,961,600, a remarkable 35% in both categories breaking the fantastic $1 million plateau for the third year in a row.

Bob Bisbee (1933-2018) founded the Bisbee Black and Blue in 1980 when he and ten friends challenged each other to a tournament in Cabo. As the event became established, the Bisbee family added the Los Cabos Offshore in 1997. The East Cape Offshore followed in 2000. Over the years, under the direction of Wayne Bisbee and the Bisbee family, the three tournaments have paid out approximately $104,038,250.

Tournament dates for 2022

East Cape Offshore: August 2-7, 2022

Los Cabos Offshore: October 20-23, 2022

Black & Blue Marlin Tournament: October 25-29, 2022

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