CABO SAN LUCAS: 200 years of the Mexican Navy!


This morning took place the commemorative ceremony for the "200 Years of the Creation of the Mexican Navy", in order to endorse the commitment of this Institution with the Mexican people and to strengthen in its personnel the naval values and the sense of belonging. 

This act was headed by Captain Julio Cesar Gonzalez Barcelata, representative of the Naval Sector Command, who addressed a few words allusive to this event, stating that "during this 2021, Mexicans have commemorated a series of events of unquestionable historical relevance for all of us, with which we have highlighted the greatness of Mexico and with it the importance of its past, its culture and the present that we all build".    

Likewise, he reiterated that "since then, we naval sailors have bravely fulfilled each of the missions entrusted to us, from the defense of national sovereignty to safeguarding human life at sea and supporting the civilian population in cases and areas of disaster".

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that the Mexican Navy was created when the Regency government realized the need to organize its forces to protect the country, creating the Secretariat of War and Navy in 1821, which was initially directed by Lieutenant Antonio de Medina Miranda. 

One of his most outstanding missions was to dislodge the last Spanish stronghold that was stationed in San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz, on November 23, 1825. Likewise, he distinguished himself by participating in various naval battles, with the objective of safeguarding national sovereignty. 

The above is part of the history of an Institution whose mission is to protect the maritime interests of the country; sustain the Rule of Law in the Mexican Marine Zones such as coasts, rivers, lake areas and port areas; as well as to apply the National Maritime Authority, guaranteeing the sovereignty and development of the Mexican territory. 

Currently, the Mexican Navy represents the operational component of the Ministry of the Navy, playing two fundamental roles: as a Navy, focusing on the maritime defense of the territory to guarantee its independence, sovereignty and integrity. And as Coast Guard, sustaining the rule of law and safeguarding human life at sea.

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