Crocodile found on Los Cabos beach!


An unusual situation was reported this morning, when a crocodile was found on Los Frailes beach, south of Cabo Pulmo.

According to preliminary information, it is a lifeless specimen, which was discovered half buried at the seashore in the area known as "Piedras Bolas".

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the reptile was reported stranded, something very unusual since the presence of this type of specimen had never been reported before in the coasts of Southern California.

The animal was picked up by personnel from the Federal Environmental Attorney's Office, who will be in charge of the corresponding investigation.

It should not be overlooked that in Cabo Pulmo very strange specimens have been documented, such as the case of a mermaid that was found in 1761 by the Jesuit priest Ignacio Tirsch, of which there is a historical record and which was drawn by the same priest, a situation that impressed not Mexico... Europe!

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