GREEN LIGHT: Cases decrease to historic levels in Los Cabos and La Paz


A very important news was released today by the state health authorities, who announced that the cases of coronavirus in the municipalities of Los Cabos and La Paz show a historic low, as never before, so that within the health alert system they pass to level 1 and green light for the first time in over a year.

This announced measure will be valid until October 13th because another evaluation will be presented as a follow up to the pandemic.

The health office of Baja California Sur, asked the population to continue with the measures of healthy distance, use of masks, antibacterial gel and avoid crowds in closed places.

Going to a green light should not be a reason to lower our guard and a call is made, now with more strength the residents continue to use the mask correctly, continue washing your hands frequently, avoid shaking hands, kissing or hugging; and do not touch your face with dirty hands, refrain from participating in crowds and adopt healthy lifestyles; only in this way we will minimize this health problem that concerns us all, concluded the Office of Health in Baja California Sur.


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