Green Light in Los Cabos and La Paz does not mean end of pandemic


The head of the board of businessmen of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo Gomez, insisted again that the community should not trust and now, "as we are already in green light they think that there is no more COVID-19", when the pandemic and the contagions continue, although at a very low rate, "because the prevention strategies have been successful and because of the vaccination work that has been done".

He revealed that in the last week there were 162 supervisions by the health authorities to the commercial establishments, both in the tourist zone and in the neighborhoods, so that they comply with the sanitary criteria. He reminded that the maximum closing time for bars and cantinas is 2 o'clock in the morning, so none of them should remain open after that time.

There was satisfaction among the businessmen of Los Cabos, after it was announced that the testing program for employees will be reestablished, in order to detect if they are carriers of the virus, which is an excellent prevention measure to stop contagions.

In terms of active cases, the week closed with 27, which is a sign that the pandemic continues to decline, with 7 hospitalized, which is equivalent to a 2 percent occupancy rate.

Castillo Gomez added that "we are about to enter the high season, which could be an opportunity to recover the economic area, which is the first thing that was affected (by the pandemic). Hopefully there will be no setback in the traffic light, because a good end of the year is expected, with more jobs and income".

For this reason, he insisted that "the green traffic light should not be translated as no COVID-19. Because the contagions continue, even at a lower level, but they do exist (...) We must not take any gamble, the COVID-19 continues, let us take care of health, income, employment and investment".


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