Murder of a female animal activist in San Jose del Cabo has triggered public indignation

The lifeless body of animal activist Nayeli Guerrero Herrera, who was presumably battered to death by two individuals she knew and trusted, was discovered yesterday morning in San José del Cabo, causing widespread outrage. 

Last Thursday, she was last seen alive at her home on Manuel Doblado Street, in the company of two brothers, Hugo and Luis Perez, who were juggling at the traffic lights of the Transpenisular highway, which runs through San Jose del Cabo and also through Cabo San Lucas. 

The young 33-year-old activist was never seen or heard from again after that, until her decomposed body was discovered on a mattress in the downtown district of San Jose del Cabo on Sunday morning.

She had bruises on various parts.

The whereabouts of his presumed murderers are unknown at the moment, however many motorists have said that they recognize them because they were juggling at traffic lights along the highway.

At the moment there is no explanation as to what could have motivated such a crime against a defenseless woman.

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