Puppies die in house fire!

Cabo San Lucas.- A fire broke out in a very poor house in the Las Palmas neighborhood yesterday afternoon, resulting in utter losses for a family who is now looking for help from society to overcome the catastrophe, which also claimed the lives of three puppies. 

According to the interview of the Facebook channel IRDVIN TV, Mrs. Ana Laura Basurto, who a couple of years ago was diagnosed with acute leukemia, was in her little house with her baby daughter, when a neighbor told her that there was a fire.

The fire started in an adjoining lot and in a few minutes, the house of the affected woman, built of wood and sheet metal, fell prey to the flames, so she got out and took the little girl to safety.

But those who had the worst luck was a little dog named "Princesa", who could not save her puppies. Three died and four others were left in very bad conditions. They were rescued with the help of the State Police who attended the emergency.

Ana Laura Basurto's family is effectively homeless  now, as all of their documentation, clothes, and household items were destroyed in the fire. 

To this effect, the affected woman appeals to the good heart of the people of El Cabo to help her with the bad moment she is facing. You can contact her by phone at 624 100 2638 or deposit economic support in the account 4027 6657 7422 4860 of Banco Azteca.

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