Numerous complaints from U.S. citizens vs St. Luke’s Hospital in Cabo San Lucas


An important announcement has been made by the U.S. government regarding a well-known hospital in Los Cabos.

The following is the text:

U.S. citizens have reported instances of withholding care for payment, failing to provide itemized lists of charges, ordering unnecessary procedures, withholding U.S. passports, obstructing medical evacuations, and refusing to discharge patients without payment.

Please be advised that hotels and resorts in the Los Cabos area may have existing contracts or informal relationships with St. Luke’s.  In the event you require medical assistance, you may ask your hotel/resort to arrange treatment at a facility on the Consulate’s publicly-available list of hospitals.

A list of other medical facilities in Baja California Sur is available on the Consulate’s website.

Actions To Take:

Be aware of your rights under Mexican law.

Obtain as much information as possible about local facilities and their medical personnel when considering medical procedures.

Insist upon written estimates in advance of any procedures and request itemized bills.

Speak with your health insurance company prior to traveling to determine coverage in Mexico and consider purchasing travel health insurance and a medical evacuation policy prior to departure.

Make a plan to cover medical expenses upfront.  Most Mexican facilities require payment by cash, credit card, or bank transfer before performing procedures and do not accept U.S. health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid.

When possible while seeking medical care, ask a family member or another responsible party to accompany you.


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