Three earthquakes in Los Cabos


San Jose del Cabo - After insistent messages on Facebook from people concerned about apparent tremors, the METMEX system in charge of Jorge Garza, confirms that there were three earthquakes today in this city, which could be recorded in the network of seismographs in charge.

He explains:

In Los Cabos there is a small network of 5 seismographs installed that help detect local seismic activity.

MetMEX base of operations in El Zacatal, SJD

Santa Rosa, SJD

Monte Real, SJD

Las Animas, SJD

La Playita, SJD

Although these were mild tremors, as many did not perceive them, Jorge Garza Cosío's record is as follows:

The first occurred at 04:17 hours (4:17am).

The second occurred at 04:30 hours (4:30am).

The third at 10:57 hours (10:57am). Greater magnitude.

Although it does not specify the magnitude, it mentions that the strongest may have been between 2.8 and 3.1, and its epicenter in the waters of the Sea of Cortez.

There was no cause for alarm, as all tremors were very slight.

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