Families from Ukraine and Russia arrive in Los Cabos!

The Municipal Tourism Board of Los Cabos, informed that businessmen families from Russia and Ukraine have arrived to continue with their economic and social activities. Most of them are businessmen with great wealth who have set their sights on Los Cabos to acquire properties and continue with their enterprises.

According to information provided by the Municipal Tourism Board, Los Cabos is the number one tourist destination in terms of security, which is why more than 20 Russian families are in the process of acquiring homes and properties in the region, as well as receiving luxury boats at the San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas docks, for example the brewery businessman Oleg Tinkovi.

Due to the political and social crisis triggered by the war between Russia and Ukraine, which broke out on February 24, businessmen and families of these nationalities have decided to leave their homeland and reestablish themselves in peaceful places to continue with their lives, the main reason why tourism from these nations has increased in Mexico, but especially in Los Cabos.

It should be noted that the arrival of these visitors is well seen and received by the municipal government, who assure that all those tourists who wish to visit Los Cabos are welcomed regardless of their nationality.

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