Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas Railroad Plan


La Paz - Once again, the feasibility of the construction of a Peninsular Train from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas has been exposed to the public opinion, as it was referred to by the graphic artist Luis Lazos in 2020 in a plan called "basic cartography to dream at ease", where train routes are designed for the year 2050.

What was published by the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History, has been taken up by the federal congressman of Morena, Miguel Torruco Garza, who introduced on February 22 a project of reform to the Regulatory Law of the Railway System, which includes a 1,750-kilometer track of the Peninsular Train.

Sustainable transportation model, which would help reduce carbon emissions and comply with the Paris Agreements.

The railroad system must become an axis for the country's development, through freight and passenger trains, with the total stewardship of the Mexican state. This also means expropriating the current American companies that have cargo routes under concession.

Luis Lazos' project contemplates following a route very similar to the current Transpeninsular highway, only that from La Paz to Los Cabos, it would go to Todos Santos and not to Los Barriles.

The construction of a Peninsular Railroad dates back to 1890 when the plan was designed by the International Company, which only managed to lay tracks for 25 kilometers from San Quintín to the south.

Reporter Hermelinda Vargas/Colectivo Pericú

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