TikTok Video Shows Drag Queen Suggestively Crawl Up To A Child Before Embracing Her

An unsettling TikTok video, showing a drag queen dancing provocatively for a young child while adults cheer and laugh, has sparked outrage online, with many wondering how exactly the odd situation materialized.

The video shows the dancer, who is wearing a tight top with hot pants and high-heels, on the floor crawling toward the girl, who appears to be about five or six years old. She then walks away and returns to the girl, shaking her hips before bending down, embracing the child and kissing her cheek.

The 28-second long clip went viral on Friday, although it’s unclear when or where it was recorded. A caption on the video explains that the “sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view” of the drag queen.

If reaction on Twitter was any indication, most people were not as heartened by the charade – particularly since the child looks quite uncomfortable with the whole scenario.

“Even the kid knows it’s messed up,” one tweeter wrote, posting a screenshot of the girl’s uneasy looking face.

“That poor kid looks traumatized. What is wrong with the so-called adults in this video?” another added. One pointed out that the girl “appears to be the only child in the entire room,” making the situation seem even more odd.

Others went so far as to say the incident was like "sexual indoctrination" and"child abuse."

Drag queen Tynomi Banks’ publicist confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that the drag queen in the video is indeed Banks, a Canadian drag queen. Banks identifies as female, according to the drag queen’s Facebook page.

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