In a few days, hotels in Los Cabos will go out of business

An urgent call is being made to the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador  by businessmen in the tourism sector in Los Cabos, because in the next few days the economy of the area may collapse due to the fact that tourism is retiring and businesses are at risk of bankruptcy as a result of the CORONAVIRUS pandemic crisis.

In a letter published today in several local media, the main business group Consejo Coordinador, explains that this week only 250 international visitors were received when last year there were 6,500 tourists.

If a series of fiscal incentives are not implemented, hotel companies will go bankrupt. Today 45 thousand workers are at risk.

The employers are asking for longer terms for the payment of taxes, a reduction in electricity rates, credits and restructuring of debts with banks and that over six months no fees be charged on the toll road.

It is announced that this week five hotels will close their doors due to lack of tourists.

Today Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis announced that a new covid-19 patient was detected in the city of San Jose del Cabo.

This is the foreign fellow who was diagnosed with this disease yesterday at the H+ hospital in San Jose del Cabo city.

She is a 33 year old American woman, who is in good health, with medical follow-up and home care.

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