American citizen found dead outside Ciudad Constitucion

This morning a person riding a bike on a path near El Salado Ranch in the community of Palo Bola, observed the lifeless body of a person in some bushes. He immediately reported it to law enforcement.

Paramedics of Erco Group arrived at the scene and found no vital signs on this man, who was approximately 60 years old and a United States citizen.

His body was very close to a ruined and abandoned building.

According to witnesses, the foreigner was a homeless guy who wandered around the area, apparently already affected by his mental health.

No one knows his name. As a matter of fact, they informed the authorities that he used to be among the American community living in San Juanico and from there he went to Ciudad Insurgentes where a week ago he had problems with the police. He doesn't have any family residing in Baja California Sur.

The Attorney General's Office will investigate the causes of his death and notify the U.S. consulate for identification.

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