Bad landing of this aircraft yesterday in La Paz

The pilot of a Learjet 35 apparently did not make the correct calculations when landing at the La Paz "Márquez de León" (MMLP/LAP) airport and went off the runway after touching down at 5:00 PM yesterday.

According to the FSMX forum, the XA-VDU aircraft after making its approach, entered 500 meters ahead and after touchdown the crew used the wheel brakes to decelerate.

Only four crew members were on board and they were unharmed. The accident activated the emergency mechanisms of firemen and paramedics.

The plane that performed private services, came from Mexico City.

El día de ayer, una aeronave Learjet 35 matrícula XA-VDU se despistó en el aeropuerto de La Paz (MMLP/LAP), todos los ocupantes se encuentran a salvo.
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