Coronavirus: Baja California Sur has been sealed

Baja California Sur is completely sealed off and in his message this morning Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis requested all hotels to host guests, which have until Sunday to close completely.

The same indication has been given for all the buildings and houses that are under construction, as all the workers should be in their homes.

Carlos Mendoza said that by orders of the federal government, all ports will be closed for navigation of any kind and only military vessels and those supplying fuel and food to Baja California Sur will be allowed to operate.

No one will be allowed to be on the streets unless it is urgent.

Today, work is also suspended in government offices that are quarantined for 30 days.

Yesterday it was reported that two people had died from covid-19. Another death was reported in a La Paz hospital this morning, and only tests are pending to determine if it was also due to coronavirus.

Anyone who has a cold and believes they may have a coronavirus should not go to hospitals. You must call 800-BCS-COVID and a team of medical specialists will visit your home to take samples and give directions.

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