Covid-19: Homeless people plan to squat in Los Cabos

Since the beginning of this week, groups of persons under the pretext of the coronavirus emergency, say they have become homeless and are trying to invade ejido lands in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

On Tuesday, a group of 100 people attempted to take over land near the Gastelum neighborhood in Cabo San Lucas, when a leader identified as Carmen Balderas told them to take over.

But the police and national guard arrived to prevent this illegal action.
The squatters said that the companies terminated them as employees and they no longer had money to pay the rent for their homes, so they needed a space to live with their families.

Officials told them that this is illegal and taking over land in Baja California Sur is considered a serious crime. Two of them were arrested for insisting.

The squatters arrive, place landmarks on the land given to them by their leaders, and start cutting the plants and cactus. After this they start building houses of cardboard and wood.

The same thing happened in San Jose del Cabo, where the ejido land began to be squatted by people without any authorization. It is reported that they plan to take over parcel 587, so they are asking for police support to prevent this.

In this city during 2007 the same government encouraged land invasions in several colonies, mainly on ejido lands known as Predio La Ballena.

Many of those who have promoted these invasions are in jail or have open criminal proceedings.

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