The first coronavirus death in Los Cabos

Today it is reported  the first death from the coronavirus epidemic in Los Cabos, bringing the total number of deceased in Baja California Sur to five.

In that municipality, social distancing measures have been strengthened and now the police only allow one person in each car that circulates in the streets.

The IMSS hospital in Cabo San Lucas continues to face a crisis because about 50 were infected and the federal government has refused to receive help from private individuals.

The patient who died is one of the doctors at the IMSS hospital who was contaminated with the coronavirus.

Firefighters continue to manufacture medical face shields with a 3D printer.

Yesterday, Mayor Armida Castro delivered medical equipment for that hospital.

Also this Sunday, Governor Carlos Mendoza reports that the first case of the covid-19 has been detected in the municipality of Mulege.

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