Families in Baja California Sur are running out of food

It has been very concerning for the government to guarantee the supply of food for the poorest families in Baja California Sur, who have run out of money.

The coronavirus epidemic has stopped economic activity throughout the state.

Through a Community Alliance (Alianza Comunitaria) that is the sum of civil organizations with local governments, with the support of the International Community Foundation ICF, bags with food have been delivered in the most needed neighborhoods.

But the aid has been insufficient and signs have begun to appear on homes in the Vista Hermosa settlement in the capital of Baja California Sur.

"At home and without food!", "we are hungry!", "we need to eat!", are part of the messages written by the families in great need.

The same thing happens in Los Cabos, where the municipal government through Mayor Armida Castro Guzman has been delivering food that they request by phone.

But too many families are looking for this help in desperation.

The government has announced that starting in June, once the most difficult stage of the coronavirus epidemic is over, businesses can be opened, mainly hotels that represent Baja's main economic activity.

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