No beer in Baja California Sur!

One of the worst news that the citizens of the peninsula have received is the shortage of beer in all points of sale, mainly convenience stores like Oxxo, Seven Eleven, AM/PM and Circle K.

It is remembered that due to the coronavirus emergency, the hours of sale of alcohol were restricted to avoid meetings and fiestas inside the houses.

But also the breweries stopped activities and ended the supply to the points of sale that already exhausted their inventories.

The few beers that are available are sold at a very high price. For example, a can of beer that before cost 12 pesos is now available for 30 or 40 pesos  in several cities in Baja California. In the black market it is sold in 80 pesos.

But the best known brands have definitely vanished from the refrigerators in stores and supermarkets.

Mexico has very well known brands of beer that are sold in the United States. It is a very large industry that employs half a million people.

The Bureau of Consumers in Mexico (PROFECO) announced that the breweries will possibly start up in mid-May, as long as they have safe sanitary conditions for their workers.

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