Only two people per vehicle in Baja California Sur as of Monday

The governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis, announced that as of Monday, work will begin in the government sector, as well as in mines and the construction industry, which is why more automobile traffic is expected in the cities. He clarified that the strict sanitary measures continue so everyone is still asked to remain isolated in their homes.

That is why only two people are allowed per car circulating in the state of Baja California Sur, who are the driver and the passenger who must use the back seat.

This Sunday morning it was reported that the first two cases of coronavirus were detected in Loreto, so this municipality is no longer the only place where there was no presence of covid-19. The patients are not critical, so they were sent to home isolation.

Currently there are three cruise ships in the bay of La Paz without being able to return to their ports of origin, so the local government extended the authorization for 113 crew members from Peru and Turkey to leave for their places of origin.

Also since yesterday, the sale of beer in some shopping centers began, (view photo) which caused residents of Los Cabos and La Paz to form long lines, without being prevented from the rules of healthy distance.

Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis said in his message this Sunday that there is still no date to return to all normal activities, including that of the students.

Meetings at beaches, parties, parks, sports centers, gyms, restaurants, remain restricted throughout the state of Baja California Sur, until approved by the State Security Council.

But the tourism sector in Los Cabos and La Paz is preparing for June 15 with new health security protocols.

For more information about coronavirus in Baja California Sur, see the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.


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