There is still no date for reopening hotels in Los Cabos

Despite the fact that possible dates for the reopening of hotels in Los Cabos had been set, the government of Baja California Sur has decided that everything will continue to be suspended until the real progress in reducing infections in the coronavirus epidemic is clear.

This has resulted in losses of about 60 percent of all income in 2020 in the tourism sector.

Also due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the ATP tournament in Los Cabos, to be held from July 20-25, was cancelled, according to information provided by BCS Tourism Secretary Luis Humberto Araiza Lopez.

Also in the matter of the reopening of the tourism industry nor is there a hotel inventory yet because the countries of origin (like the USA and Canada) have not withdrawn the travel warnings for their citizens, and as long as that does not happen, Los Cabos' Hotel Association will not have an estimate of the flow of visitors in the short term.

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